Plainsea is a
platform for

service delivery

Effortless orchestration of your services

AI powered

Strategic use of AI for enhanced quality and speed of delivery

Smart Automations

Increasing productivity, collaboration and service quality

Single pane of glass

Comprehensive, real-time visibility over the threat landscape

Enhanced business outcomes


Time savings

Reduce project turnaround time by at least 30%based on the functionalities used.


Faster reporting

Fully automated report generation with custom templates.

0 days

Remediation Validation Delay

Requests for validation are received as soon as vulnerabilities are remediated.   


Cost reduction

Empower junior experts with Knowledge Bases, Writeups and Writing Assistance.

Automating KEY services

Automating KEY services

Penetration testing

Plainsea reduces manual effort in penetration testing and allows you to allocate your time to high-priority, expert tasks.

Virtual CISO

Plainsea increases the strategic value of the Virtual CISO service by managing its complexity and simplifying the service delivery.

Customer quote

We have seen a consistent rise in customer satisfaction since implementing Plainsea.

Boris Goncharov
CSO Amatas
Customer quote

Having real-time visibility over the threat landscape has been a game changer.

Petar Jalaliev
Cyber Security Expert

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