Plainsea was created by an all-star team of cybersecurity and software development experts

Our ongoing commitment to providing top-notch service and security for our clients inspired us to explore ways of enhancing the efforts of cybersecurity professionals in advancing cybersecurity for everyone. We concentrate on delivering innovative solutions to address the everyday challenges faced by professionals in the industry, еnabling them to provide exceptional service to their clients in a landscape of rapidly evolving threats.

Our vision

To create a singular cybersecurity platform that enables continuous service delivery by service providers and incorporates automated security tools and services available to end-clients.

Our mission

To simplify, prioritize and automate cybersecurity for both cybersecurity experts and any organization or end-user.

The values which drive us


At Plainsea, we believe that doing good and being truthful are essential to creating a better world. We strive to always treat others with kindness and respect and to act with integrity in everything we do. We know that when we live by these values, we can build a better future for everyone.

The Pack

We are more than just a company – we are a wolfpack. We stand together, through thick and thin, always looking out for each other and supporting our shared goals. We believe that the strength of our pack lies in our unity, and we work every day to build a team that is strong, supportive, and always ready to face any challenge.


At Plainsea we know that health is wealth. We believe that taking care of our bodies, minds, and souls is essential to achieving success and happiness in both our personal and professional lives. That’s why we prioritize the health of our pack members and their families, and we work to create a culture of wellness that supports everyone in living their best lives.


We believe that freedom is not just a right, but a responsibility. We strive to create a workplace where everyone is free to be themselves, speak their minds, and to pursue their dreams. We know that when we respect each other’s freedom, we create an environment where everyone can thrive.


We believe that happiness is the key to success. When we are happy, we are more productive, more creative, and more able to achieve our goals. That’s why we work hard to create a culture of joy, where everyone can find meaning and purpose in their work, and where success is measured bymeasured not just in dollars and cents, but in the happiness of our pack members.


Consistency is our strength. We embrace challenges with unwavering determination, forging success piece by piece every day. Our proven method for succeeding to achieve our goals.


Embracing Simplicity defines us. We prioritize clear, honest, and direct communication while following a precise plan of action. We simplify the complex for everyone we work with.


Marko Simeonov

Marko is responsible for the leadership of Plainsea in the role of CEO. He has previously occupied the position of CEO at AMATAS – a leading cybersecurity service provider with teams based in Europe and the USA. Marko has worked in the field of cybersecurity since 2017 and brings to the team broad amounts of knowledge and experience in providing managed cybersecurity services and innovations in the field. With this experience and ideas in mind Plainsea was founded as the next innovation in automating, simplifying and systematizing the provision of services in the field of cybersecurity. Starting with the goal of creating a tool to aid cybersecurity professionals and boost their productivity and efficiency has now evolved into Plainsea as a fully-fledged cybersecurity platform.

Atanas Simeonov

Atanas Simeonov is a serial entrepreneur and investor, the owner of Ocean Investments and S Group International, which comprises a diverse portfolio of investments in sectors including technology, security and real estate. The entire group has more than 5000 employees. In 2022 Atanas Simeonov co-founded Plainsea alongside Marko Simeonov and Angel Angelov as the first platform aimed at professionals in aiding them to deliver cybersecurity solutions to their clients through both automated and manual means. With its large array of tools and features Plainsea is looking to lead the race in becoming the preferred platform for all things cybersecurity for both cybersecurity providers and their clients

Angel Angelov

As the CTO at Plainsea, Angel is entrusted with steering the technological direction of the company, leveraging his background in innovative product creation. With a rich history of architecting and developing cutting-edge solutions, holding pivotal roles in leading hi-tech companies in the US and Europe, Angel brings a wealth of expertise across various domains, including software and hardware design, cloud and mobile development, and large-scale application architecture. Before joining Plainsea, Angel served as the CTO of a leading European cybersecurity service provider. This role further fortified his knowledge in managed cybersecurity services and propelled innovations in the field.
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